Start-Up Package for Sole Proprietors

1. Company Registration

We will register your company in the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI).

2. Business Permit (Mayor's Permit)

We will ensure that you have complied with the requirements of the Local Government Unit.

3. Tax Registration

KaLe will make sure that you are compliant with Local and National Tax Laws & Regulations.

4. Statutory Benefits

KaLe will take care of all the governmental requirements needed by your employees (SSS, Philhealth, and HDMF).

5. Onboarding

If you are not from Cebu, we will fetch you from the Airport to your accommodation of choice. We will make you feel at home and introduce you to Cebu's business community. We will also help you identify the best venue for your company and the right people.

6. Draft & Review of Contracts

We will draft your business & legal contracts. We will also make sure that all the agreements you have executed among your suppliers and partners are secure.

7. Legal Retainership

We will be your legal retainer from the start of your business until all the registration requirements are complied with. We will provide business and legal consultation and notarial services for simple documents.

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